Friday, August 14, 2020

A Simple program: Sum of Boundary elements of a Matrix

Boundary elements are those elements which are not surrounded by elements on all four directions, i.e. elements in first row, first column, last row and last column.

Simple Anticlockwise Circular Matrix program

Circular matrix is a way to fill the matrix from the center towards the boundary elements in clockwise or anticlockwise manner.

An excellent String program to count words start and end with a vowel

Write a string program to accept a sentence from the user in uppercase. Count the number of words that start and end with a vowel. Bring all...

An essential Julian Day Program

The term “Julian day” is used loosely to mean the day of the year, meaning a number from 1 to 365 or 366 (leap years). January 1 is  1 ,...

Count palindrome words in a sentence

Palindrome words remain the same after reversing also. Like "mom"-->after you reverse the word it is "mom" only. Write a program to accept...

BlueJ Installation

String Program(Convert to palindrome words)

Write a program to accept a sentence and convert all the words in to palindrome words,the words that are already palindrome will remain same. Palindrome words are spelled same...


Recursion is a programming technique where a function calls itself again and again.Base case: Every recursive function uses a condition to terminate. It is known as base case....

Double Dimensional Array(Matrix) Program I (Maximum minimum element, sum, average)

Write a program to ask the user to input a double dimensional integer array and print the biggest(Maximum) and the smallest(Minimum) element of the array...

ISC class XI sample paper 5

(Part 1 (30 marks). This part consists of compulsory short answer questions , Part 2 (70 marks) this part is divided into 3 sections A,B  and C students are requested to answer...


ICSE computer Application sample paper-2

This paper is divided into two sections. You are to answer all the questions from section A, and any four from section B. Section A(40...

ICSE sample paper 10

Revision for class X students