Sunday, June 20, 2021

Magic number program

Watch java videos The sum of the number’s digits calculated until the sum equal 1. If it does equal to 1, then it is a...

Smith Number: simple & Easy

Smith Number the sum of digits is equal to the sum of the digits of all its prime factors.One example of it is 666.As...

Queue : An easy Data Structure in java

Watch java videos Queue : Data Structure is a way to collect and organize data in such a way that we can...

Rotate a Matrix by 90 degree

Watch java videos Write a program to rotate a matrix (square matrix  N x N) by 90 degrees (clockwise).

ISC 2018 Practical: Gold Bach Number Program

java videos This program was asked in ISC 2018 Practical computer science paper. It a called Gold Bach number.

Free ISC JAVA sample paper for class XI

Watch java videos ICSE sample paper

Sum of the digits: An intriguing Recursion program

In this program, a number will be taken as input. The sum of the digits of the number will be printed. To know...

A Wonderful Hourglass Program

Write a program to take the input from the user for the row and column number. Print the no. of hourglass patterns that can be created from the...
isc class xi practice test

ISC class XI practice test 1: Interesting way to learn

This is a ISC class XI practice test for computer students. The topics covered in this paper are Boolean Algebra, Logic gates, Number conversions

Number Conversions : Important for ISC Class XI

JAVA videos In this post, you can learn about all the four number systems. Decimal Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal number system. The number conversions from...


Interesting Data input using Buffered Reader

Watch the video to learn how to take data Input using Buffered Reader. data data input...

MCQ result program

isc class xi practice test

ISC sample paper 2021

ISC sample paper class XI