Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Rotate a Matrix by 90 degree

Watch java videos Write a program to rotate a matrix (square matrix  N x N) by 90 degrees (clockwise).

ISC 2018 Practical: Gold Bach Number Program

java videos This program was asked in ISC 2018 Practical computer science paper. It a called Gold Bach number.

Sum of the digits: An intriguing Recursion program

In this program, a number will be taken as input. The sum of the digits of the number will be printed. To know...

A Wonderful Hourglass Program

Write a program to take the input from the user for the row and column number. Print the no. of hourglass patterns that can be created from the...

A superb Pendulum array program

It is an array where elements are stored in a pendulum pattern. For other posts related to array click • PENDULUM...

Interesting Merge two array program

Merge two array program Matrix programs Write a program to accept two arrays from the user and merge them.

Astonishing Insertion sort in an array

Insertion sort is a sorting technique used to sort array in ascending and descending order. For other sorting programs click


MCQ result program

MCQ result program JAVA videos Write a program that will grade multiple-choice tests. Assume...

ICSE MCQ sample paper 8