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Practice papers

Practice test-3 class 12 ISC

  PART I Answer all questions Question 1 (a) State the DeMorgan’s Laws. Verify any one of them using truth table. (b) Using a truth table, verify if the following proposition is valid or invalid:...

Practice test-2 class 12 ISC

Question 1 Draw a truth table with a three input combination which outputs 1 if there are odd number of 0’s. Also derive an SOP expression using Karnaugh map. Question 2  ...

Practice test – 1 class 12 ISC

Question 1                                               (a) Calculate the dual of the following....


Unbelievable : Loops in java (for, while, do…while)

for java videos click Loops in java: In programming loops are used to repeat a particular group of...

ISC Practical sample paper 3