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Solved programs

Solved programs

factorial of a number

Factorial of a number :Unleashed

Factorial of a number is the product of the numbers from 1 up to the number. Write a program to accept a...

An essential Julian Day Program

The term “Julian day” is used loosely to mean the day of the year, meaning a number from 1 to 365 or 366 (leap years). January 1 is  1 ,...

An effortless Bubble Sort & Binary Search

In this technique, sorting takes place by stepping through all the elements one-by-one and comparing it with the adjacent element and swapping them if required. It is...

String Programs part 5

Write a program to extract words of a sentence and calculate the potential of the words, print the words with their potential(Potential is the sum of the ASCII...
String 4

String programs part 4

Write a program to input a sentence and print the frequency of the double occurrence characters. import*; class DoubleOccur { public static void...

Astonishing Java String Programs part-III

Java String programs: They are asked for more than 15 marks in the ICSE computer application class X For java videos click

Sudoku in java

Write a program to check whether a given Sudoku solution is correct or not . public class java9 { public static void main(String...
String, Substring

Two strings having same sub string Program

string prrogram to find the substring from strings from the two given strings. if two consecutive letters are same they'll displayed. and the count will print.

Twin Prime

Write a program to accept two numbers from the user and print whether they are twin prime number or not. A twin prime is a pair of two numbers...

Frequency of letters

Write a program to accept a string and print the frequency of letters in the given format. I/p I love my India


Java Project ATM Machine

This java project atm machine is for ISC computer students. Watch java videos java project...

First project in Bluej

ISC class XI sample paper 5