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Solved programs

Solved programs


Sudoku in java

Write a program to check whether a given Sudoku solution is correct or not . public class java9 { public static void main(String...

Beautiful String programs in java part-II

String programs are very important in ICSE class X because they carry at least 15 marks weightage in ICSE computer paper.

Intriguing String Programs part-1

In this post, we will discuss some interesting String programs for more string programs To Reverse the String:-  import*;class Strings1{public...
String, Substring

Two strings having same sub string Program

string prrogram to find the substring from strings from the two given strings. if two consecutive letters are same they'll displayed. and the count will print.

Number Programs in java ICSE Part-2

Watch java videos Number Programs in java ICSE has some important number programs for the ICSE students.

A complete program: Delete an element from an array

Write a program to delete an element from an array. Ask the user to enter and the position(index) from where you want to delete an element.

Twin Prime

Write a program to accept two numbers from the user and print whether they are twin prime number or not. A twin prime is a pair of two numbers...

Niven and perfect number Solved program

Input a number to check for compositenumber or Niven number. Design a program to create a class perfect having two functions, one as composite(int a) another as Niven(int b)
Special Number

An Effortless program Special Number

A number is known as Special number when sum of the factorial of digits is equal to the original number. It is also known as Krishnamurthy number. For example...

A priceless Frequency of element in an array program

Write a program to print the frequency of element in an array. For more programs import*; class frequency { public static void main()throws...


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