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sorting techniques

Array in JAVA

Array is a data structure. It is used to store many values of the same primitive data type or objects.Arrays are used to store multiple values in a single...

Wrapper classes in JAVA

Wrapper class is a feature in java that enables a data type to be converted in to an object of a class.This gives the programmer to use a lot...
exception handling

Exception handling in java

Exception handling:- Exception is an abnormal condition that occurs in a program at runtime. Generally it terminates the program. Few conditions that raises an exception are divide by zero,...

String handling in JAVA

String handling in java:- A string is a data type used to represent text. It is a set of characters enclosed within double quotes. In java String is a...

Method Overloading

Method overloading is a feature of java in which one class can have more than one method with the same name but different parameter list(either data type or the...

An Easy Actual and formal parameters in java

Actual and formal parameters Actual parameters:The parameters that appear in the method invocation (while calling the method)are called actual parameters
method functions

Methods/ Functions

Definition of method:- These are also known as functions, procedures, modules, subroutines,sub programs. In simple words it is a collection of statements which are going to perform a particular...


It is a function that has same name as the class name. It can't have any return type , not even void. It is implicitly called whenever an...

Revision for class X students Array

ICSE computer application revision class x 2020

Revision for class X students

Icse computer application revision classe x 2020


Magic number program

Watch java videos The sum of the number’s digits calculated until the sum equal 1. If it does...

ICSE MCQ sample paper 8

Electricity Bill program