ICSE class ix computer practice test

ICSE class IX computer practice Test

Conditional constructs in java

This practice paper contains the basic concepts of java like features of java, OOPs concepts, Java compilation, object and class.

  • Fill in the blanks [6]
  • The full form of WORA is ________
  • A java code can be reused if  it uses ____________oops concept.
  • OOP follows __________approach. 
  • _______________is a type of java program which can be used on internet. 
  • Full form of JVM is ________________ and JRE is___________________.
  • The class that inherits another class is called ___________ and the class which is inherited is called___________. 
    ICSE class ix computer practice test
  • Short questions and answers                     [Answer any 7]           [14]
  • Java is multi threaded. Why??
  • Differentiate between OOP and POP. (Write four points)
  • What is class? Give any two example of a class. 
  • Mention two examples each of third and fourth generation language.
  • Explain any two features of java. 
  • Differentiate compile and interpreter. 
  • How is local data different than global data?
  • What is byte code? How is it different from source code? 
    Answer the following questions [2X5=10]
  • Explain the following principles of OOP(With examples)
  • Explain java compilation process in detail with a diagram.        
    Write JAVA Programs. (Write code and OUTPUT of each program)       [2X5=10]
  • Write a program to print your name five times on the terminal window. 
  • Write a program to print 1 to 10 on the terminal window.
  • ICSE class ix computer practice test

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