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This practice paper contains the basic concepts of java like features of java, OOPs concepts, Java compilation, object and class.

  • Fill in the blanks [6]
  • The full form of WORA is ________
  • A java code can be reused if  it uses ____________oops concept.
  • OOP follows __________approach. 
  • _______________is a type of java program which can be used on internet. 
  • Full form of JVM is ________________ and JRE is___________________.
  • The class that inherits another class is called ___________ and the class which is inherited is called___________. 
    Short questions and answers                     [Answer any 7]           [14]
  • Java is multi threaded. Why??
  • Differentiate between OOP and POP. (Write four points)
  • What is class? Give any two example of a class. 
  • Mention two examples each of third and fourth generation language.
  • Explain any two features of java. 
  • Differentiate compile and interpreter. 
  • How is local data different than global data?
  • What is byte code? How is it different from source code? 
    Answer the following questions [2X5=10]
  • Explain the following principles of OOP(With examples)
  • Explain java compilation process in detail with a diagram.        
    Write JAVA Programs. (Write code and OUTPUT of each program)       [2X5=10]
  • Write a program to print your name five times on the terminal window. 
  • Write a program to print 1 to 10 on the terminal window.

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