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ICSE  practice test

In this ICSE practice test all the topics of java for ICSE computer application has been covered.

ICSE Practice test

Question 1  
1. Explain the term type casting with its types. [2]
2. Define identifier with example; mention 2 naming rules for identifier?[2]
3. What is default constructor, and parameterized constructor? [2]
4. Differentiate between constructor and method [2]
5. Identify (class name, object name, constructor and parameters from the following)
Calculator op=new Calculator(10,20); [2]

PART II (15 marks)

Question 2                                                                                   [15]
Define a class student having the following description
Data members
String name-> to store name
Int roll-> to store roll no.
Int p,c,b-> to store physics, chemistry ,bio marks
Double s-> to store percentage of science marks
Member function
void Input()-> to input details of student
void Calculate()-> to calculate percentage science & marks,
void Display()-> to display name,rollno,percentage having message that the student is a ranker if the percentage is >80

Question 3                                                                                    [15]
A cloth show room has announced the following festival discounts on purchase of items, based in the total cost of items purchased
Purchase                                      Discount%
Between  Rs.2001 & 5000              25%
Between Rs.5001 & 10000             35%
Above Rs.10001                            50%
Write a program to input total purchase, compute and display the amount to be paid after availing discount. (use any type of user define function)

ICSE Practice test

String Handling


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