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In this ICSE practice test all the topics of java for ICSE computer application has been covered.

ICSE  practice test
ICSE Practice test
Question 1.                                                                                               [10]
Write a program to make a function to find the smallest digit of an integer that is input by the user.
Sample input : 6524
Sample output : Smallest digit is 2

Question 2. [15]
Define a class Taximeter having the following description:
Data members/instance variables
int taxino – to store taxi number
String name – to store passenger’s name
int km – to store number of kilometres travelled
Member functions:
Taximeter()- default constructor to assign default values to the data member.
Taximeter (int tno, String nm, int k) – to store taxino ,name, km
calculate() – to calculate bill for a customer according to given conditions
Kilometers travelled(km)                   Rate/km
≤ 1 km                                       Rs 25
1 < km ≤ 6                                 Rs 10
6 < km ≤ 12                               Rs 15
12 < km ≤ 18 Rs 20 >18 km       Rs 25
display()- To display the details in the following format
Taxino Name Kilometres travelled Bill amount

Create an object in the main method and call all the above methods in it.

ICSE Practice test

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