In this ICSE sample paper all the topics of java for ICSE computer application has been covered.

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ICSE sample paper

This paper is divided into two sections. You are to answer all the questions from section A, and any four from section B.
Section A(40 marks)
Q 1 . [5X2=10]

  1. What is function overloading? Explain with example.
  2. Differentiate entry controlled loop and Exit controlled loop.
  3. Define abstraction with example.
  4. Write two features of a constructor.
  5. Write the output of the following.
    int y=6;
    { System.out.print(y++ +”.”);

Q 2. [5X2=10]

  1. What is fallthrough. Explain with an example.
  2. Convert the following code to if …else.
  3. Write the output of the following.
    int k=66, f=2,g=6,rank=1;
    if(k%f!=0 || k%g!=0)
    rank =0;
    System.out.println(“Rank=”+ rank);

  1. Convert the following code to do……while loop.
    Int Q=7, K=10;
    While (Q>2)
  2. What will be the value of k after the execution of the following code?
    int a=20,k=15;
    k=k+ a++ + ++a/2;

ICSE sample paper

Q 3. [10X2=20]

  1. Differentiate between pure and impure function.
  2. Write an expression in java for ax4+by3+c
  3. String str=”ICSE Examination 2020″;
    System.out.println(Integer.valueOf(str.substring(str.length()-3))+ str.length());
  4. String str=”snv school”;
    Char c1=Character.toUpperCase(str.charAt(0));
    Char c2= Character.toUpperCase(str.charAt(str.lastIndexOf(“ “)+1));
    System.out.println(c1+ “.” +c2);
  5. Write the output of the following.
    System.out.println((x+y>x*3)?x++:y); (Assume x=15, y=5)
  1. What would be returned by Math.ceil(3.78) and Math.abs(Math.rint(-51.2))
  2. What is the purpose of the new operator?
  3. Given the String array as
    String ar[]={“English”, “Physics”, “Geography”,”Maths”, “Computers”};
    Write the output of the following.
  4. Write any two differences in Implicit Type Casting and Explicit Type Casting.
  5. What is difference between single dimensional array and multidimensional array?

ICSE sample paper

Section B
Attempt any four programs. [4X15=60]

Q 4. Write a program to accept a string. Convert the strings to uppercase and output the number of Consecutive letter pairs that exist in the string
Output: Number of Consecutive pair of characters: 6 [15]

Q 5. Write a program to overload a function print() as follows. [15]
a. void print(int a , int b ): To print the odd numbers between a and b
b. void print(char a , char b):To print all the consonants between a and b
c. void print(char ch, int n):To make the following patterns using the character stored in ch and the number stored in n.
Input: ch= @ and n=3
Output: @

Q 6.
Define a class taximeter having the following description:
Data members/instance variables:
Int taxino – to store taxi number
String name – to store passenger’s name
int km – to store number of kilometres travelled
Member functions:
taximeter () — constructor to initialize taxino to 0, name to “ ”and b to 0.
input () – to store taxino,name,km
calculate() – to calculate bill for a customer according to given conditions

kilometers travelled(km) Rate/km
1 km Rs 20
1 < km 6 Rs 6
6 km 12 Rs 12
12 km 18 Rs 14
18 km Rs 17
display()- To display the details in the following format
Taxino Name Kilometres travelled Bill amount
– – – –
Create an object in the main method and call all the above methods in it. [15]

Q 7. Write a program to input a double dimensional array and print the sum of each row. The size of the array will be given by the user.
For Example: If the array is :
2 3 5
4 7 1
9 8 6
The sum of the row 1: 10
The sum of the row 2: 12
The sum of the row 3: 23 [15]

Q 8 A cloth showroom has announced the following festival discounts on the purchase of items, based on the total cost of the items purchased.
Totalcost Discount
LessthanRs.2000 5%
Rs.2001toRs.5000 25%
AboveRs.10000 35%

Write a program to input the total cost and to compute and display the amount to be paid by the customer after availing the discount. [15]
Q 9. Design a menu driven program, that accepts an integer and displays the following menu :
i. Displays the sum of the digits of the numbers.
Example : 12
The sum of digits is: 3 [7]

ii. A number that is smaller than the sum of its factors excluding the highest factor is said to be an abundant number.
Example number: 12
Sum of its factors excluding the highest factor: 1+2+3+4+6=16
Write a program to print all abundant numbers in the range 1 to n (both inclusive), where n is to be accepted in the program. Print the output with the appropriate message. [8] ICSE sample paper

sample paper


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