In this ICSE sample paper class 9, all the topics of java for ICSE computer application has been covered.

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ICSE sample paper class 9

Section A (20 marks)

ICSE sample paper class 9
A. Fill in the blanks [5]

  • _____________is abuse of electronic messaging system to send unsolicited bulk messages.
  • Antivirus is a software. A malware that invites you to run or download it is called .
  • A malware program that gather information about computer user without their knowledge. ____________ are terms as building blocks of java.
  • Machine instruction in java is code.
  • _____________helps to convert source code into platform independent machine code
  • There are _______ types of tokens.
  • There are basically _________ types of datatype. ________ is the latest protocol used for security.

B. True or False [5]

  • Variables are used to store data.
  • Integer is not used for storing decimal value.
  • Web page is collection of hyperlinks.
  • You can create two variables having same name but different data type.
  • A statement does not end with semicolon in java.
  • The size of window in computer can be resized.
  • A ‘++’ sign unary operator.
  • Protocol is set of commands for internet.
  • All internet sites are made using HTML tags.
  • Mail in your email box can be moved from one folder to another.

C. Write the output of the following [5]

  • Math.pow(6,2);
  • Math.max(Math.pow(3,2),8);
  • Math.min(Math.ceil(16.1),Math.floor(16.1));
  • Math.round(Math.sqrt(4),+0.5);
  • Math.PI();

D. Expand these [5]

ICSE sample paper class 9

Section B (40 marks)

E. Answer the following questions [40]
1. Name all kinds of malware, explain any two? [4]
2. Explain the following [6]
3. What is spam?
4. Who are hackers?
5. What modem?
6.Explain the following [8]
Separators & comments
7. Explain the use of the following [6]

8. Explain the processes of message passing in functions? [5]
8. Explain device management and process management of the Operating system? [5]
9. Explain what is JVM , what is byte code & source code? [3]
9. Difference between MSDOS & WINDOWS operating system? [3]
10. Explain the following principals of OOP [4]
11. Explain condition control statements and looping control statement in detail whit their use supported with examples [4]

F. Write JAVA Programs(Attempt any four) [40]
1. Write a program to enter the user’s age for 30 people & print if they are senior citizens or not. Print a message accordingly [Hint: age > 60 is senior citizen]. [10]
2. Write a program to enter any limit & print the sum of the following series sum=-1+2-3+4-5+6——–n [10]
3. Write a program to enter roll number, 3 subject’s marks for 10 students. Calculate and print the following [10]
Roll number of student who got average >80
Roll number of student who got average <40

4. Write a program to ask the user to enter two numbers and print its HCF for example if the two numbers are 35 & 21 the HCF will be 7. [10]
5. Write a program using parameterized method to accept 4 values, find and print the lowest number among the four numbers. [10]
6. Write a program to ask the user to enter the basic salary of employees & calculate net pay. Net pay= basic salary – income tax [10]
Income tax is calculated based on the following
Basic salary <10000–🡪 income tax 5% of basic salary
Basic salary >10000–🡪 income tax 7.5% of basic salary

ICSE sample paper class 9

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