ICSE sample paper class 9


ICSE sample paper class 9

Section A (40 marks) compulsory questions

Q A. Define following.                                                        [5X2=10]

  1. Abstraction
  2. Differentiate object and class
  3. Write any 4 characteristics of OOP.
  4. What is IDE?
  5. What are the default values of int and float?

Q B. Write difference between the following.                                           [5X2=10]

  1. Source code and object code
  2. // and /*…*/
  3. Keyword and Identifier
  4. If and switch
  5. for and do…while loop

ICSE sample paper class 9

Q C.                                                                             [10X2=20]

  1.  Write output of the following.      

 System.out.println (“Bentley”);

System.out.print(“BMW  ”);



  1. Name all the types of errors.
  2. Write output of the following.      

for(int i=1;i<=5;i++)

System.out. print(i+” “);

  1. Convert the following loop into while loop

for(int j=10;j>=1;j–)

System.out. print(j+” “);

(i)Name the package used for scanner class.

(ii)The scanner class function to take a double as input

  1.  Explain the term explicit conversion with an example.
  2. What will be the values in A1 and A2? 

double A1= Math.abs(Math.min(-2.54, -4.67));

double A2=Math.sqrt(Math.floor(100.2));

  1. Write the following expression in java.
  2. if x=3, What is the value of x after evaluating the expression

       x+= x++ —x+ 3+ –x

  1. What will be the value in a,b and c if the following expression is executed. 

       if a=2, b=4

       c=a++ – b–+ –a

ICSE sample paper class 9

Section B (60 marks)

Write JAVA Programs. (Write INPUT and OUTPUT of each program) (Attempt any six) [6X10=60]

  1. Write a program to check whether the given year is a leap year or not. 
  2. Write a program to take the month number from the user and display the name of the month. Display an error message for wrong input(Use switch case only). 
  3. Write a program to accept a number from the user and display if the given number is prime or not. A prime number is a number that has only two factors.
  1. Write a program to, compute the railway fare depending on the criteria as given
Distance (in kms)Fare (Rupees per Km)
Below 10Rs. 5
From 10 to 30Rs. 20
From 31 and 50Rs. 30
Above 50Rs. 50
  1. The sum of two distances is calculated as:

Distance 1 = 10 feets 24 inches

Distance 2 = 5 feets 16 inches

Sum of Distances= 18 feets 4 inches

Write a program in Java to input two distances and calculate their sum by applying proper adjustments.

Display the final result with an appropriate message. (Given 1 feet = 12 inches)

  1. A computer salesman gets commission on the following basis:              
Sales                 Commission Rate
  Rs. 0 – 20,000    3%
Rs. 20,000 – 50,000         12%
  Rs. 50,001 and more        31%

Write a program to  accept the sales as input, calculate and print his commission amount and rate of commission.        

  1. Write a program to find the sum of the following series. 


            sum= 2+4+6+8+……..n                                                  

  1. Write a program to print the following series. 
  • 1   3   5   7   9
  • 30     25     20    15    10
  1. Write a menu driven program using switch case statement that outputs the results of the following evaluation based on the number entered by the user
  • Maximum of the  two numbers
  • Absolute value of the number
  • Square root of the number
  • Random numbers
  • ICSE sample paper class 9
  1. Write a program to input the basic salary of a person and  calculate the salaries and other allowances as given below and print all the values. 

            special allowance =15%of basic salary

            conveyance allowance= 10% of basic salary

            pf=5% of basic salary

 gross=basic salary+special allowance+conveyance allowance

 net salary=gross-pf

  1. Write a program to print the following paragraph

Online teaching is the process of educating others via the internet. 

Various methods can be used such as 

  • one-on-one video calls
  • group video calls
  • webinars. 
  • ICSE sample paper class 9



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