Program: A set of instructions given to the computer for performing a particular task is called a program.

Programming  :  The Process of Executing a program is known as programming.

Function :A program module which is simultaneously used in the program at different instances to perform a task .It is also known as Method.

Syntax : It is the Structural format of various keywords of java programming. The program segments are valid only if they are in format according to the Syntax given.

OOP:-Object Oriented Programming : It is a modular approach ,which allows data to be applied stipulated program area. It increases the programmer’s productivity. It gives more Emphasis on the data. It uses bottom up approach.

POP:- Procedure oriented paradigm is an programming approach where functions are given more importance than data. This uses a top down approach.

Object: An object is an unique entity of Object Oriented Programming Language, which   posses some state and attributes. It is an instance of a class.

Class: A class is a template or a blue print which defines how the object of the clas will look like. A class is a set of objects. Each object posses similar state and behavior defined within the same class.

Data Abstraction: Data Abstraction is the act of representing essential features without including(hiding) the background details.

Encapsulation: The Binding/Wrapping up of data and its functions into a single entity is known as Encapsulation.

Data Hiding: The insulation given to the data, due to which it cannot be accessed directly outside the class(by unauthorised user).

Inheritance: Inheritance is when one class aquires the properties of another classs. It is the process of linking and sharing the common properties of objects from two different classes. It is used to reuse the functions.

Polymorphism: Polymorphism is when one function behaves differently for different objects. It is the process of using a function more than one purpose, with same external structure and with change in the internal structure


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