isc class xi practice test

Part I (10 marks)

This is a ISC class XI practice test for computer students. The topics covered in this paper are Boolean Algebra, Logic gates, Number conversions

isc class xi practice test

Matrix programs

(Attempting all the answers in this part is compulsory)

  1. Convert the following Hexadecimal to binary & decimal [4]
    1. F8     b.   1A        c.  3B                   d.   ACE
  2. Perform binary multiplication on the following                     [2]
    1. 1010*101           b.1101*0101
  3. Convert the following into decimal                                              [4]
    1. 1101010    b. 01.111   c. 1001.00101    d. 1010111

Part II (20 marks)

isc class xi practice test
(Attempt any two questions)


  1. Explain with logic gate diagram why NAND & NOR gates are called universal gates?                                                [5]
  2. Explain Full adder circuit with help of logic gate diagram, truth table, Boolean expression?                                      [5]


  1. Draw logic gate diagram of (x+y+z).(x’+y+z’) using basic gates.       [4]
  2. Explain what is truth table?                                                 [2] 
  3. Draw logic gate diagram for the following using NOR gate
    1. P’Q’+PQ+QR                           [4]

isc class xi practice test

  1. Prove that for the following using truth table?                  [4]
    1. A.(A+B)=A
    2. (A.B).A’=0
  2. Expand the following                                   [3]
  • ISCII 3. Explain the rule for binary subtraction?                    [3]

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