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The lottery program involves generating random numbers, comparing digits, and using Boolean operators. Suppose you want to develop a program to play lottery. The program randomly generates a lottery of a two-digit number, prompts the user to enter a two-digit number, and determines whether the user wins according to the following rules:
1. If the user input matches the lottery number in the exact order, the award is $10,000.
2. If all digits in the user input match all digits in the lottery number, the award is $3,000.

3. If one digit in the user input matches a digit in the lottery number, the award is $1,000. Note that the digits of a two-digit number may be 0.
If a number is less than 10, we assume the number is preceded by a 0 to form a two-digit number. For example, number 8 is treated as 08 and number 0 is treated as 00 in the program.

Output: Test Cases
Case-1 Enter your lottery pick (two digits): 15 The lottery number is 15 Exact match: you win $10,000
Case-2 Enter your lottery pick (two digits): 45 The lottery number is 54 Match all digits: you win $3,000
Case-3 Enter your lottery pick: 23 The lottery number is 34 Match one digit: you win $1,000
Case-4 Enter your lottery pick: 23 The lottery number is 14 Sorry: no match

import java.util.Random;
import java.util.Scanner;

public class java7
	public static void main(String[] args)
		int number, lottery;
		Scanner sc = new Scanner(;

		Random rand = new Random();
		lottery = rand.nextInt(100);

	     System.out.print("Enter your lottery pick (two digits) => ");
		number = sc.nextInt();

		if(lottery == number)
			System.out.println("Exact match: you win $10,000");
			int d1, d2, l1, l2;
			d1 = number % 10;
			number = number / 10;
			d2 = number % 10;
			l1 = lottery % 10;
			lottery = lottery / 10;
			l2 = lottery % 10;
			int cnt = 0;
			if(d1 == l1 || d1 == l2)
			if(d2 == l1 || d2 == l2)

		if(cnt == 0)
		System.out.println("Sorry: no match");
		else if(cnt == 1)
		System.out.println("Match one digit: you win $1,000");
		else if(cnt == 2)
		System.out.println("Match all digits: you win $3,000");

Output: Enter your lottery pick(two digits)==>39
Sorry : No match

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