In class X ICSE computer application paper 60 marks weightage is allocated to programs.

The students are supposed to attempt any 4 programs out of six programs.

Generally there are 8 to 10 types of Programs.

One of these types are number programs. Let’s start with number programs

Solve all these programs

  1. Prime number(number which has only two factors)
  2. Perfect number( numbers factors (excluding itself)sum is equal to the number)
  3. Spy number(sum of digits is equal to the product of the digits)
  4. Niven number(number which ia divisible by its sum of digits)
  5. Kaprekar number(number divide into two equal parts , the sum is same as the number)
  6. Special number(numbers digits factorials sum is equal to the number)
  7. Composite number(the number have more than two factors)
  8. Armstrong number(numbers digits raised to the power 3, the aum of these is equal to the number)
  9. Disarium number(numbers digits raised to the power of its place – their sum should be equal to the number)
  10. Duck number (the number should have a zero in it but hould not have a zero in starting)
  11. palindrome number(after reversing the number remains same)
  12. Reverse the number
  13. Sum of digits of a number
  14. Extraction of the digits of a number
  15. Pronic number( number is said to be pronic number if it is a product of two consecutive numbers)
  16. print the factors of the number
  17. Print the factorial of a number


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