After solving all these Programs start solving string Programs the weightage of string Programs can be 15 or even more than that because strings can be used in solving array related and number Programs also.

For solving these Programs you need to know all the string function, especially their use, working , arguments and return types.

So these are the programs.

  1. Reverse the string
  2. Palindeome word
  3. Compare two strings
  4. Extract the letters of a word
  5. Count the number of vowels, consonants, space and special characters from a word
  6. Find the frequency of the letters in a string
  7. Anagram words(words that have same letters but in different order)
  8. Arrange the letters of a word in ascending order
  9. Extract words of a sentence
  10. Extract words of a sentence and calculate the potential of the words
  11. Extract words from a sentence and arrange the words alphabetically
  12. Input a full name of a person and print the initials
  13. Replace a letter with another in a string
  14. Encryption Program (take a word and encrypt it according the requirement)
  15. Convert a string in to a piglatin word
  16. Find the frequency of a word into a sentence
  17. Replace one word with another in a sentence
  18. Input a sentence and check number of palindrome words in it & conver all the non palindrome words to palindromic words(how will become howoh)
  19. Convert all the uppercase letters of a sentence to lowercase and wise a versa.
  20. Input a sentence and make all the first letters of a word capital.


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